Match Play

Match Play is a competition format where players are broken up into brackets at the start of each session. Each player is paired up with another in their division and it is up to the pair to establish a mutually convenient time, date, and location for both to meet and play the round.

Match Play Scoring
The scoring for the round is not the conventional ‘overall lowest score’ format but rather a ‘points-per-hole’ format similar to ‘skins’. Each hole is worth 1 point and a player must outright win the hole to get the point. If there is a tie on the hole (this is where it differs from traditional ‘skins’ play) the point does not travel to the next hole, it is simply 0 points for both players on that hole. At the end of the round (or when a player is winning by more points than there are holes left in the round) the match is over and the player with the most points wins. The winner will then move forward in the bracket to challenge their next opponent, usually the following week. Players are continually eliminated until one match between the final 2 surviving players is left to compete for that match session’s purse.

The Oak Hollow Disc Golf Club sponsors bracket tournaments throughout the year, usually during the off-season (September – March) from the weekly league night season (April – August). Be on the lookout for a post on the News Feed of this site and on our Facebook page!